Friday, 24 March 2017

Creeps And Underdogs with a foreword by Alan Moore

This will be available soon but if you leave a message I will be able to post one out any time.
a book about the situation affecting Britain's disabled and unwell being persecuted by the government in regards to benefit payments, many have died by being declared 'fit for work' when they clearly are not. Anyway the great Alan Moore (he of V For Vendetta, From Hell and lots of other great titles) was kind enough to write a foreword for this, it's a good read in itself. It was hard work getting this up and running and when it was done I noticed a couple of errors, it's not perfect but i'll amend all that for the second print run. It's about a guy who is a head and has no body so it's a bit bonkers but that's the way I like my stuff.......    

Friday, 17 February 2017

Frankenstein in Paris

A page of my latest comic book, it will be out very soon, it's about the government and their disgraceful treatment of the disabled. Also it bashes the modern art movement. It's been a while sibce anyone's done that...

London Bridge circa 1500

A rejected page from a story, I want to keep records of all spurned pages in case they get torn or lost which is probable..

Friday, 30 December 2016

Inspector Morse comic (Inspector Sauce)

I've done 1 30 page book on this character, I love Morse and this is more of a tribute than a mickey take.