Saturday, 31 October 2015

Grey Friday Inc.

The name of my old company that I got into debt over and also found out that there's a makeup company of the same name.

The Nightmare Begins

This is about a dream I had, a lot of my dreams are like this! I drew this fifteen years ago now.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Architecture Study

A sketch of somewhere, I can't remember! if anyone knows, tell me where and what it is. I had a period where I loved drawing old buildings. I recommend it. It's good training with detail and perspective.

Dreamscape Wide

a sort of dreamscapey scene which tells you a lot about what was going on in my head at the time!

Cartoon Strip idea

a strange cartoon strip of a UFO story I read once about a bunch of strange chrome flying things with giant bee stings attached. I used to love UFO stories and although not a sci fi fan, am very intrigued by the weirdness of UFO stories and sightings. It's a distraction from everyday life.

Sleep- Salvador Dali

A quick sketch of Dali's Sleep. From memory, I can draw a few of his pictures without looking at them because I'm such a fan. Probably the most influential artist in my opinion although he became a bit of a money making machine but I try and forget that bit.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Jimi Hendrix in London

This is my first full colour comic strip, when I bought the beautiful Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens, I love Jimi Hendrix and am fascinated by his rise to super stardom. It all began in London really, when he flew over with Chas Chandler who managed him. They held auditions in little basements in Soho with all manner of drummers and bass players and I've always wished a time machine was available because I'd love to go back to these moments in 1966 and take a look. Actually be in the room and hear the tremendous roar of that Fender Stratocaster (which belonged to Keith Richards apparently) and what was played. The vibes must have been amazing.
they were times we will never see the like of again and that makes me a little emotional. the nearest we can get is to imagine it, which is why i drew this. There are some good lines in this, such as when Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton are in the audience at the speakeasy or whatever and I have some dialogue saying "Now Townsend, Beck and Clapton are fretting in a different way" guitar nuts will know frets are also a part of the guitar neck and fingering chord positions is also called 'fretting' so I thought that was a clever double meaning seeing as they were fretting as in; panicking, because he was so good. Clapton actually wanted to give up when he saw Jimi.     

Thomas Edison and the History Of The Light bulb

I like to be silly quite often and this 'History Lesson' on the design of the lightbulb by Thomas Edison is an example of this. I made up this fantasy brother called Bill Nichols who is a failed historian that spent most of his time in the pub or depressed, he got a D in History and teaches his lesson such as this one. I have more of Bill's 'lessons' but not sure if anyone wants to know to be honest. So i'll hold back until requests come in! yes. I will be waiting for a long time.......

O.C.D Super Hero

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Another daft cartoon strip about a useless Super Hero, although he wouldn't be useless if he didn't have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) 

This is what Superman would be like with mental issues and OCD  

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Inspector Sauce

This is a couple of pages from 'Inspector Sauce' my Inspector Morse piss take, I do like the original show though. Never really been able to follow the plots

Goldsmiths Hall Carter Lane

Another serious drawing from about 2001, in fact it was while I was drawing this that the Twin Tower terrorist attack happened. I tried to sell this to an art dealer back in the day, Gladwell's on Queen Victoria Street, it's a coffee shop now, such a tragedy, they sold beautiful works of art in there. Anyway the dealer turned this down because he felt the pillars were a bit too intrusive on the scene. I didn't agree with that at the time but looking at it all these years later I think he had a point. I seemed to put the pens away after this and picked up the guitar instead for the next 5 years. This is a beauty of a building, where they do all the hallmarks for precious metals. I tried selling it to them and sent a photocopy, they turned down the offer of buying it but I noticed they didn't send back the copy. I didn't mind.

Bank Of England Sketch

Bank Of England

David Camerons Secret

I'm not a political person as such but I'm fascinated by how awful Politicians are, mostly, there are maybe some good ones but they're never heard. This cartoon is out of date now because Cameron has been up to some antics involving a pig. Not so much 'Oik' but more like 'Oink'
David Cameron's Secret