Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Viz cartoon strip

I sent about three cartoon strips into Viz in march last year, they caused an uproar in the office, said I was 'highly original' they turned down my Muslim cartoon (surprise surprise) and something else I can't remember, but they bought this one here (sob story) and printed it a couple of months later. I was happy as I remember when my good school friend Rufus Branston got an issue of Viz out during our geography lesson at Langley Park School for Boys, and Mr Conway was someone you didn't want to upset, he was a horrible teacher and we all hated him. He wore a long leather trench coat and looked like a Nazi. Anyway, as soon as I saw Buster Gonad and his unfeasibley large testicles I nearly split apart with laughter, I was hooked from then on. That was the eighties when it was good lol, only joking, it's still good but different.  In fact the guys on the mag take the P out of the fact that it's 'not that funny'. I started off by sending a strip of Inspector Sauce to them about 2013, I knew deep down that it wasn't right for Viz but didn't care, I just wanted a reaction. It was funny because in my letter I wrote "can I please have a nice headed sheet of official Viz paper when you write me a rejection letter" or something along those lines and Graham Dury did indeed send it and wrote "here is the rejection letter you requested" lol I thought that was funny, he did however compliment my drawings which was nice. So I sent Sob Story in which was lying around being trodden on and crumpled up etc. I didn't even believe in it! but that was one they liked. Typical. I had much better strips to send Viz but I got no feedback from them, shame really. It could have been beautiful..... 
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