Saturday, 8 October 2016

Peter Perret Of The Only Ones

A cartoon I couldn't sell to any of the bland music papers that seem dead to any ideas other than the normal about a great cult music legend Peter Perret formerly of The Only Ones

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Airport design (unfinished)

Again, during my disturbed period, what I thought an airport would look like if designed in the medieval style......weird I know.....

Suicide Towers

This is the view of Mark Knopfler jamming on a balcony of a London flat circa 2005, suicide towers was a song he wrote which hasn't been released to my knowledge.

Night Driving

I was inspired by driving at night round motorways and slip roads. Still like that.

Death Of John

I drew this as soon as I heard an old family friend John Wells had died. He was a gulf war veteran and was on an incredible cocktail of drugs to combat the 'Gulf War Syndrome' the soldiers were forced to suffer because of a drug they were given to combat fear.


 Sometimes I look back at stuff I done 15 years ago and think my head was in a dark place........